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What Company Is Calling Me From 859-509-7598? Are They A Scam And Why Are They Calling Me?

The phone number 859-509-7598 is from Lexington, Kentucky, and it could be a telemarketing call or scam. United Real Estate and agent Jeff Lowery are associated with the number, but it’s also reported as disconnected. Treat it as a potential scam to protect personal information. Be cautious when receiving calls from unknown numbers and prioritize personal information security. Let unknown calls go to voicemail, block the number, and consult a non-profit credit counselor or attorney to address any outstanding debts.

How Can I Block Or Stop Calls From 859-509-7598?

If you receive mysterious calls from a number like 859-509-7598, it is vital to determine if it’s a debt collector. To do this, let unknown calls go to voicemail and refrain from answering directly. Once identified, block the number using your phone carrier, call blocking apps, or smartphone settings.

Formally request no further contact by sending a cease and desist letter and maintain detailed records of the calls. Seek guidance from a non-profit credit counselor or attorney to tackle any outstanding debts and safeguard your personal information. By following these measures, you can effectively block or stop calls from 859-509-7598 and other undesired numbers.

Is 859-509-7598 Violating Fair Debt Collection Practices Act? What Are My Rights As A Consumer?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law that safeguards consumers from unfair or abusive debt collection practices. If 859-509-7598 is a debt collector attempting to collect a debt, this law applies to their calls. To protect your rights under the FDCPA, document all calls, including the date, time, frequency, phone number, and details. Debt collectors cannot call outside of allowed hours or too frequently.

If you experience abusive language or threats, withdraw your permission for them to call you. Inform them not to call your workplace and send a cease and desist letter if needed. You can also seek advice from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an attorney, or your state Attorney General’s office for guidance on your rights and next steps.

If 859-509-7598 Is A Debt Collector, How Do I Validate This Debt And What Are My Options?

If 859-509-7598 is a debt collector, the first step is to validate the debt. Send a debt validation letter by mail and review the validation for accuracy. Dispute any incorrect information and keep records of all correspondence and calls. Make sure collectors follow the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) guidelines. If they violate regulations, consider negotiating a settlement, payment plan, or using your FDCPA rights. Consult a non-profit credit counselor or attorney for guidance on bankruptcy or legal action if needed. Remember to treat unknown calls as potential scams and protect your personal information.

Can 859-509-7598 Sue Me Or Garnish My Wages If They'Re A Debt Collector? Should I Just Settle?

If 859-509-7598 is a debt collector, they can potentially sue you or garnish your wages if you owe a legitimate debt. To handle this situation, you can negotiate affordable payment plans, assert your inability to pay, seek guidance from a non-profit credit counselor, hire a consumer law attorney, or consider bankruptcy. It’s crucial to avoid legal action by ensuring the payment plan is manageable, getting any agreements in writing, and being aware that a collector can still sue if you default on a settlement.

If 859-509-7598 Is A Collection Company, How Can I Remove It From My Credit Report?

If you have received calls from 859-509-7598, it is essential to determine if the number belongs to a debt collection company. Start by confirming the debt’s legitimacy and reviewing the information for accuracy. If any details are incorrect, dispute the debt and request its removal.

If the debt is valid, consider negotiating a pay-for-delete agreement, offering a partial settlement, or hiring a credit repair service to help you remove the collection account from your credit report. You can also wait for the seven-year limit, during which time the account will automatically be removed.

Another option is to file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) or your state’s attorney general’s office. Additionally, consulting a consumer law attorney can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the process.

Throughout your efforts to resolve the disputed collection account, maintain detailed records to ensure a smooth and efficient resolution.

What Feedback And Comments Do People Leave About 859-509-7598?

People have left various feedback and comments about 859-509-7598, with some reporting silent calls lasting 12 seconds before hanging up. Others mention unknown debt collectors or credit card rate reduction offers. One individual was hung up on after asking for company details, and some speculate it may be a robo call due to the number of unanswered calls. To address concerns, treat the call as a potential scam, block the number, consult a non-profit credit counselor or attorney, and verify the legitimacy of the call if related to debt collection.

You must check your credit report

Go to CreditSesame.com and pull your 3-bureau report FOR FREE