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What Company Is Calling Me From 970-236-3112? Are They A Scam And Why Are They Calling Me?

The company calling you from 970-236-3112 is Wakefield and Associates, a debt collection agency. They are contacting you to collect outstanding debts and are not a scam. To stop their calls, you can ask the caller to cease contact or use call blocking technology. If you experience any violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), report them to ensure proper guidelines are followed. If you owe the debt, validate it, negotiate a settlement or payment plan, and exercise your consumer rights. If the calls are causing issues, consider credit counseling, legal action, or bankruptcy.

How Can I Block Or Stop Calls From 970-236-3112?

If you’re receiving calls from the number 970-236-3112, it’s likely from Wakefield and Associates, a debt collection agency. While not a scam, these calls can be annoying and disruptive. Here’s how you can stop them:

1. First, let the unknown calls go to voicemail to identify if it’s a debt collector. If confirmed, move on to the next steps.

2. Block the number through your phone carrier or use call blocking apps to prevent further calls.

3. Send a cease and desist letter via certified mail to stop any additional calls. Keep records of these calls for future reference.

4. Consider consulting a non-profit credit counselor or consumer protection attorney for assistance in addressing the debt and dealing with debt collectors.

5. If the calls are causing significant distress, explore credit counseling, legal action, or bankruptcy as options to resolve the situation.

Remember, it’s essential to validate the debt and exercise your consumer rights when dealing with debt collectors like Wakefield and Associates.

Is 970-236-3112 Violating Fair Debt Collection Practices Act? What Are My Rights As A Consumer?

The phone number 970-236-3112 is associated with Wakefield and Associates, a debt collection agency. Debt collectors, including those from this agency, are required to abide by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). If you are receiving calls from this number, ensure you document the date, time, frequency, and details of the calls. Pay attention to whether the calls are made outside allowed hours, if they are repeatedly made, or if abusive language is used.

To protect your rights as a consumer, revoke consent for calls outside normal hours, request no contact at work, and send a cease and desist letter. You can also verbally ask the debt collector to stop calling. If you believe your rights under the FDCPA are being violated, report the violations to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, consult a consumer protection attorney, contact your state Attorney General’s office, or seek assistance from a credit counselor.

In the end, it is crucial to document and track the debt collection calls, communicate your preferences and boundaries, and seek help if needed to ensure your rights as a consumer are protected.

If 970-236-3112 Is A Debt Collector, How Do I Validate This Debt And What Are My Options?

If 970-236-3112 is a debt collector, the first step is to validate the debt. Request written validation by sending a debt validation letter through mail. Carefully review the debt validation for any inaccuracies and dispute them if necessary. If the debt is genuine, consider negotiating a settlement or a payment plan that suits your needs. You can also seek assistance from professionals such as credit counseling agencies or attorneys if required.

Always use your consumer rights under federal and state laws, and keep detailed records of all correspondences. If the calls become problematic, explore options like credit counseling, legal action, or bankruptcy. Remember, maintaining accurate records and staying informed about your rights can lead to the best possible outcome.

Can 970-236-3112 Sue Me Or Garnish My Wages If They'Re A Debt Collector? Should I Just Settle?

If 970-236-3112 is a debt collector, they have the legal right to sue you for the outstanding amount and potentially garnish your wages or bank account. To avoid this, take the following steps:

1. Negotiate a payment plan: Work with the debt collector to set up a payment plan that fits your budget.
2. Prove financial hardship: If you can’t afford the payments, inform the collector of your financial situation.
3. Seek credit counseling: A credit counselor can help you understand your options and negotiate on your behalf.
4. Consult an attorney: An attorney can guide you through the debt collection process and protect your rights.
5. Consider bankruptcy: If your debt is unmanageable, bankruptcy might be an option to discharge the debt.

When settling a debt, ensure the terms are realistic and affordable, and fully understand your rights and options before agreeing to any payment plan.

If 970-236-3112 Is A Collection Company, How Can I Remove It From My Credit Report?

If you receive a call from 970-236-3112, it is likely from a debt collection company called Wakefield and Associates. To address this issue, first, ensure the debt is legitimate and, if not, dispute it. To potentially remove the debt from your credit report, consider the following steps:

1. Negotiate a pay-for-delete agreement with the collection company. This involves offering to pay the debt in exchange for the company removing it from your credit report.
2. Offer a good faith settlement, which is a one-time payment to reduce the debt amount and improve your credit standing.
3. Hire a credit repair service to help dispute the debt and improve your credit score.
4. Wait for the 7-year limit on the debt, as collection agencies cannot report debts older than seven years to credit bureaus.
5. File a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) or your state attorney general’s office if the collection agency violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).
6. Consult an attorney to help with legal action against the collection agency or explore options like credit counseling, debt management plans, or bankruptcy if the debt is causing significant financial distress.

By taking these steps, you can work towards removing 970-236-3112 from your credit report and addressing any outstanding debts. Remember to keep detailed records of all communications and transactions related to the debt to ensure your consumer rights are protected.

What Feedback And Comments Do People Leave About 970-236-3112?

People often leave feedback and comments about 970-236-3112, a phone number associated with debt collection calls from Wakefield Associates and Professional Credit Service. These calls can be bothersome due to their frequency and lack of voicemail. However, the feedback has been consistent, indicating that this number is indeed used for debt collection purposes.

To stop these calls, recipients are advised to request a cease and desist from the debt collection agency. They can also block the number on their phone and report any violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). If you do owe the debt, it’s important to validate it and work towards negotiating a settlement or payment plan. Exercising your consumer rights is essential in this situation.

If the calls persist, considering credit counseling, legal action, or even bankruptcy as a last resort may be helpful. The key is to address the issue head-on and take the necessary steps to protect your financial well-being.

You must check your credit report

Go to CreditSesame.com and pull your 3-bureau report FOR FREE